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This cartoon is pretty interesting for it's time, not being that it's bad and unconsented. But it was impressive for it's time, like 2000... you couldn't do shit back then and audacity was made in May 28, 2000, this cartoon was made on April 9th, until 1 month later, audacity would be released, I'm super curious and intrigued what program they used to record with. it's been over 24 years since this cartoon has been made, the laughing was pretty bad and terribly edited, but it sits out the charm of making a cartoon in the late 90s and 2000s, this cartoon is really loud junk, but in a good way. Do i still enjoy the classic and nostalgic feel of old newgrounds games and flash animations, maybe, but I don't really generalized with it entirely. The cartoon feels like it's average dark edgy animation, but really in retrospective, it's just a parody/satire of south park it's self. He made this cartoon when he was 22-23 years old, it's not that bad for a guy in his early 20s, but this was 2000s, so don't take a bad look on this cartoon. He could've done better, but you really couldn't do anything in 2000 with adobe animate, SWF or something, so yeah. But again this cartoon has a really funny and hysterical bad charm, I really like it.

a classic :)
it might've not aged well for some people,
but i still think its wholesome.

the character designs look like ass.
and the animation 1/10,

make better cartoons, bro, and i'm going to start spamming at you're trash cartoons, if you can call the animations.

minecraftmince responds:

then that means i can report you for harassment AHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

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what is this trash,

number 1.
art is bad.

number 2.
game design bad 0%

number 3.
ugly character design 0%

minecraftmince responds:


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Relates to people hating on me, You're not alone bro, People spam hate at me.
The art is 100/100.

we're giga chads.

In Fact, i think this the first art on newgrounds. i think?

What am i even doing now?

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